Upaya Peningkatan Kesadaran Hidup Bersih dan Sehat Baik dari Segi Fisik maupun Mental

  • Zakiyah Mujahidah Prodi Keperawatan, Universitas Mohammad Husni Thamrin
  • Rosa Susanti Prodi SI Kebidanan STIKES Bhakti Pertiwi Indodesia
Keywords: Community Service, Reproductive Health, Mental Health


One of the human development index indicators is about health, where the HDI is one of the
benchmarks for the success of a nation. The success of a nation can be seen from the quality of a healthy
and prosperous society, therefore an effort is needed to improve the health of the community which will
later determine the degree of success in the development of the Indonesian nation. Health is not only
physically prosperous but also mentally empowered and free from weakness or disability. Health is
built starting from the smallest unit, namely the family where the health condition of the family is the main aspect of health measurement. Mothers and children are family components that are classified as
vulnerable to health problems. This community service activity will be held in December 2022 using
online media (zoom). The participants in this activity totaled 48 people consisting of teenage boys and
girls with an age range of 19 to 22 years. This activity consisted of three stages, the first stage the
respondent was given a pretest question, then the second stage the respondent was given an
intervention in the form of delivery of material and the third stage was the respondent was given a post
test question. Quantitative data analysis showed that there was an increase in respondents' knowledge
before and after giving the material. Where before being given the material the average value of the
respondents was 83.99 and after being given the material it increased with an average of 88.82. The
material that needs to be deepened is related to PHBD indicators and symptoms of mental disorders
in mothers and children. Continuous activities are expected to need to educate participants with a
broader target through extracurricular activities on campus.


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